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   Caasha Champagne                             

Not your normal PSYCHIC, and proud of it.

​​​     Here I was about ready to update my reviews, and realized that I think reviews are dumb. Not that I don't get rave reviews, but anybody I read already knows what, and how I read. It has nothing to do with what some other person thinks. My clients are johnny on the spot, and don't want to know anything about what the other guys say. They want their own reading, not some influence from some other human.

Other than that, if ya need that reassurance...here are some from some of my O.C. (original Caasha) clients...

Caasha is truly an original. She doesn't sugarcoat things and tells you exactly as it is. So far her predictions have come to pass and I'm still waiting for the important prediction that matters to me to come about. I just love when she adds a little humor to help me pick up my spirits. My kids think she's the best and the coolest. The little girl is waiting patiently for her prediction to come to light. I would highly recommend Caasha to anyone who wants to hear the truth and not get the run around.

Michelle E. Matawan, NJ.

Every prediction has come true. Timelines are on point. Events are on point. Details are on point. Every event in my life, she knew about, predictions have all come true. She has saved my life and my career more times than I can remember. I will not be able to repay her but I can give her all the credit and respect in the world. She is an Angel on Earth who deserves the best of recognition and upmost respect. If you listen and do what she says, your life will change forever... for the better. She is funny as hell and straight about who she is and what she can do for you. She is a miracle in more ways than one and I can't thank her enough for changing my life...forever for the better. I have seen tough times...and she has gotten me through all of them. She is so incredibly good. No one compares. She is the true Psychic of all. Not full of bullshit. She tells you what you need to know, NOT what you want to hear.

Melissa C.

​Southport, NC.

Champagne is the Best of the Best. She told me an accident was going to happen with my car. And at first, I thought she was crazy and didn't know what she was talking about. But sure enough, it happened just as she predicted. Champagne also predicted that I was pregnant, and would have a misscarriage, that came to pass as well. If your looking for a psychic whose not going to bullshit you to play games with you then she's the one you need to call. She's not like the fake psychics that just tell you things just because you want to hear them. She speaks the truth, and she is funny as hell. Try her once, and you'll see that no psychic can compare!!!


San Francisco, California

Caasha is the truth!! She hasn't been wrong yet. And she really cares about what you are going through. Everyone should talk with her.


West Orange, NJ

Best ever! Very knowledgable and give it straight. Patient and caring. WOULD RECOMMEND HIGHLY! Is willing to call back anytime.

Jamde J.

Tampa, FL

VERY ETHICAL PSYCHIC WITH A CONSCIENCE. Caasha is definitely not your average psychic! Her skills are very unique. She is able to see clearly events of the past, present, and future and provides information very fast with little to no information. She has provided  me with very accurate love and relationship advice, career guidance, legal advice, and even reads my dog! Not only is she able to see if unseen and unnatural forces such as witchcraft/voodoo/black magic are affecting a situation but she has told me who put the items there, their intent, where the items relocated, how to safely discard them and to clear the area of the negativity!!! I have referred her to several people, including my mother. If you are facing any situation for which you need answers or have a problem that keeps you up at night, I urge you to consult Caashsa to look in the situation for you ) you will not be disappointed!!! You will receive the information you need to move forward. 


​Greenville, S.C.